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18% of candidates take action when don’t hear back after interviews

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Better communication recommended in order to avoid reducing potential talent pools 

A recent survey by The Conference Board revealed that 18% of candidates who did not hear back from a company after an interview took negative action against the company. Sixteen percent declined to recommend the company to others when the opportunity arose, and 2% left a negative review online.

In addition, only 7% applied for another job at the same company.

Rebecca Ray, Executive VP of Human Capital at The Conference Board commented: “It’s important for hiring managers to be aware of the potential consequences of not responding to job candidates, as it can lead to a reduction in the pool of future applicants. To avoid this, hiring managers should make sure to communicate with all candidates in a timely and respectful manner, regardless of the outcome of the hiring process.”

The report also noted a disconnect between the number of interviews both candidates and hiring managers think are necessary versus the number that actually occurs. Both candidates and hiring managers believe only two rounds of interviews are necessary, but nearly a quarter of candidates had four or more rounds of interviews.

Meanwhile, both candidates and hiring managers agreed that formal education is not as important as work experience, according to the survey.

The Conference Board polled more than 1,100 individuals – predominantly office workers –  for the report. Respondents weighed in on job-hunting preferences, hiring practices and interview processes.


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