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42% of graduates lean towards a hybrid work arrangements

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51% still prefer working in person

A recent report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers reveals that, despite the rising popularity of remote and hybrid work options, a majority of college graduates from the class of 2023, approximately 51%, still prefer working in person. The survey conducted as part of the report also indicates that 42% of graduates lean towards a hybrid work arrangement, while only 7% express a desire to work exclusively in a virtual environment.

Shawn VanDerziel, the executive director at NACE, highlights that the class of 2023 graduates, having experienced the pandemic and the consequent prolonged period of remote work, place significant value on personal interaction and work-life balance. This heightened appreciation for face-to-face interactions has influenced their preference for in-person work opportunities.

Interestingly, despite entering a labor market characterized by low unemployment rates and strong hiring trends, the college graduates still prioritize job security when evaluating potential opportunities. VanDerziel suggests that this emphasis on job security stems from the graduates’ firsthand experience of the pandemic’s impact and recent concerns about a potential economic downturn.

The report further reveals that alongside job security, new graduates also value friendly colleagues, the chance to acquire job-specific and practical skills, the ability to integrate work with family responsibilities, and key benefits.

To compile the report, NACE surveyed a total of 18,966 bachelor’s degree-level students, with 2,307 respondents identifying as graduating seniors. The survey was conducted from March 15 to May 19, capturing valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of the class of 2023 graduates.


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