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75% of business leaders say talent retention will be worse in 2023

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A third of workers plan to look new roles in 2023

According to iCIMS’ “2023 Workforce Report”, one in three workers are planning to look for a new job in 2023, this amid business disruption and new outlooks on work. However, the Report found that another third of workers plan to stick with their current roles and take on more hours and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, three out of four business leaders feel retaining talent in 2023 will be a bigger challenge than hiring talent.

In terms of remote work, nearly 60% of people believe they are more likely to get training or learning opportunities in an in-person environment. Meanwhile, 41% of women and 32% of men feel they will unlikely get promoted if they work remotely.

The Report revealed that training remains a priority for a majority of workers (78%) when making career decisions. Non-traditional work perks, such as gym memberships, play a role in the decision to accept a job offer for just 16% of respondents.

Additionally, 60% of workers rank their company’s DE&I initiatives as effective. However, most respondents feel these practices are missing at their workplace, such as pronoun usage, celebrations of different cultures, unconscious bias training or allyship programmes.

The survey includes responses from job seekers, HR and business leaders. The report also contains market data from iCIMS’ recruitment platform.