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94% of office workers in Taiwan unhappy with salary

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28% of workers hope that their monthly salary will increase

According to a survey from Yes123 Job Bank, approximately 93.7% of office workers in Taiwan said that they are dissatisfied with the salary of their current job, an increase from last year’s 93.2% rate.

The 93.7% rate is the highest rate in ten years, the survey found.

Yang Zongbin, spokesperson of Yes123, said: “In order to truly evaluate the salary satisfaction of office workers, one should not only look at the ‘absolute value’ of salary, but also consider the length of working hours and workplace pressure.”

In terms of raising salaries, 28% of workers hope that their monthly salary will increase by at least TWD 5,000 (USD 163.83) this year. The overall expected value of the average salary adjustment stood at TWD 5,831 (USD 191.1), which is TWD 151 (USD 4.95) more than last year’s TWD 5,680 (USD 186.15), an increase of 2.7%.

Meanwhile, 59% said their salary had remained unchanged for at least three years, including 12% who said they had already been waiting at ten years for a salary raise. On average, it took 4.2 years before an employee received a raise, the longest period in 10 years.

The survey also found that the average office worker can tolerate a stagnant salary for 1.7 years. This exceeded the 4.2 years’ wage raise average the survey showed.


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