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Are employees remote first, remote friendly, or just remote flirting?

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Glassdoor Study: Working from Home and the Future of Work

Glassdoor and Indeed’s Workplace Trends 2023 report provides insights into how employees across different seniority levels and occupations rate their experiences with working from home. The report shows that despite some challenges, employees are largely satisfied with working from home and that it is a highly valued benefit. Glassdoor reviews demonstrate that working from home has consistently received high ratings, with a 10% increase in the share of reviews discussing remote work at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

However, the report also highlights that entry-level workers have the lowest work from home rating compared to mid-senior, director level, and executive roles. This may be because remote work can make it difficult for entry-level workers to establish a solid footing in new organizations. The report suggests that there is still work to be done to ensure that entry-level employees receive the necessary support, resources, and opportunities to be as satisfied with remote work as their more-experienced peers.

The report also indicates that employers risk losing talent that prefers remote over in-person work if they do not offer flexible work arrangements. The research shows that companies that continue to offer working from home as a benefit in the post-pandemic era will largely be doing so by choice rather than necessity. Additionally, the report suggests that companies that offer remote work will be more attractive to workers, and retention risks are likely elevated for the roles most satisfied with working from home.

Overall, the report suggests that remote work is a highly valued benefit and that companies need to consider the preferences of their employees when making decisions about work arrangements. While remote work can bring challenges, it also offers a range of positive impacts, from more scheduling flexibility and productivity to fewer commuting hours and microaggressions in the workplace


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