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Candidates rank sectors on interview difficulty

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Jobseekers think it’s easiest to get through a job interview for a role in the transport sector, while technology positions make for the toughest interviews.

This was the finding of research carried out by Reboot Digital Marketing, which cross-referenced Nasdaq listings with Glassdoor to rank the various sectors and companies.

Candidates were least daunted at being put through their paces for jobs in airlines, parcels and logistics firms, with the transportation sector getting a difficulty score of just 2.48 out of 5. Among the companies covered, Old Dominion Freight Line (with an average difficulty score of 2.20) and FedEx (average rating of 2.50) were felt to be the easiest to interview for.

The next easiest sector was consumer services, with job interviews for industries such as hospitality, entertainment and leisure ranked only slightly harder than transport at 2.60. Candidates found interviews for jobs at McDonald’s (1.8) and Walmart (2.20) especially painless.

In third place was the materials sector, which includes jobs in manufacturing, mining and metal refining. Here, the easiest companies were ranked as NextEra Energy (2.60) and Sinopec (2.70).

Tech firms toughest

At the other end of the scale, jobseekers found it most difficult to get through a meeting for a position in technology, which had an average difficulty rating of 3.10.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given it typically subjects potential Googlers to three or four interviews – and this number was once as high as 12 – Google had the highest difficulty rating in the sector at 3.30. The next hardest company to interview for was NVIDIA at 3.20.

The second toughest sector was found to be consumables, with an average difficult rating of 3.0. Interestingly, among the firms analysed, those selling alcohol proved toughest for jobseekers.

Brewer Anheuser-Busch proved the trickiest for candidates to make a good first impression on, with its score of 3.30 putting it right up there with Google in terms of interview difficulty. Fellow beer and spirit producer Diageo was the second most difficult at 3.10.

The energy sector was ranked the third hardest with an average score of 2.96. However, included within the category there were a couple of firms believed to be easier to meet with, with both TOTAL and Duke Energy Corporation scoring below the sector average at 2.80.

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