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Free AI interview coach is launched

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Cutting-edge tool gives candidates a competitive edge

Created by Adzuna, the smarter free AI tool, Prepper, allows job seekers to prepare for job interviews by generating questions and coaching them on how best to respond – offering new hope to nervous candidates.

Recent advances in large language models (LLMs), alongside Adzuna’s proprietary data and expertise, have made it realistic to simulate interview questions for any job at any company. Users paste the job title, job description and company name into Prepper, and the tool generates the five interview questions most likely to be asked.

Users can input draft answers to practise their responses and the AI coach will provide feedback scores and detailed suggestions on how to improve. Users can also ask Prepper to generate model answers, without any input, to help them prepare for the interview.  It follows research revealing 93% of job seekers experience pre-interview anxiety, with the top job interview worry being unable to answer a difficult question (cited by 41% of respondents).

The cutting-edge tool is trained on over 10 years of job market data, uses generative AI to predict interview questions for over a million roles and coaches job seekers on how to respond and can simulate some of the world’s toughest company interviews, including Google, Amazon, and NASA.

The AI tool uses in-built prompts to generate and review interview questions and model answers and assesses and scores candidates’ answers, reviewing each response against the skills and requirements sought by the employer and providing bespoke feedback to help candidates improve. Adzuna has also created three personas based on a series of advanced system prompts. Users can test themselves on three modes – ‘easy, hard and pirate mode’ – helping them to build confidence before the interview.

Companies can also use the tool as a shortcut to prep interview questions for open roles and the tool is initially launching across Adzuna’s UK and US sites.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Not everyone has the resources to pay for a career coach to help them land a job or build confidence ahead of the job interview process, so we’re excited to launch this new free AI interview coach allowing jobseekers to prepare for interviews without paying a penny.”


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