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Guidant’s Brian Salkowski Celebrated by SIA

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He has appeared in SIA’s coveted 2022 Staffing 100 North America list. 

SIA has recognized Brian Salkowski, Chief Operating Officer of Guidant Global, as one of the most influential individuals in the recruitment sector.

SIA’s Staffing 100 North America list is positioned as a list of the ‘most influential leaders in the industry’, it comprises 100 individuals who ‘navigated the uncertainties of 2021’ and are ‘charting a course into the future of workforce solutions’. This is the fourth year in a row that Salkowski has received this prestigious recognition.

Guidant Global, a global talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions provider, has a footprint in over 80 countries, and manages 200,000-plus engagements annually for more than 125 clients. Leading the implementation of the firm’s strategic vision and operational delivery globally, in 2021 Salkowski and his team significantly moved the business forward, positioning Guidant Global and its customers for long-term, sustainable success during very challenging times.

Career highlights for Salkowski in the last two years include the introduction of automation technology that eliminates manual processes and inaccuracy concerns, as well as the expansion of proprietary tools for supplier benchmarking insights that more accurately model future scenarios, supporting better talent outcomes for their customers.

In response to the accolade, Brian Salkowski commented: “The last two years have been a uniquely challenging, but also phenomenally successful period for Guidant. Client growth, further geographic expansion, and rapid technological innovation have all helped to cement our position as a global leader in talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions – and I’m incredibly proud that this has been recognized and celebrated by SIA. At Guidant we are proud to do things in a better way, and to be recognized alongside the most influential, visionary, and successful recruitment leaders in this year’s Staffing 100 North America is a genuine honor.”




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