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High-end recruiter removes dog sitter ad for £100k

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Ad went viral on TikTok, and 2,000 applications flooded in

A wealthy family is seeking a full-time live-in dog nanny for their two dogs and is offering a generous salary of £100,000 ($127,000). The job advertisement, posted by the prestigious recruitment agency Fairfax and Kensington, quickly gained attention on TikTok and received nearly 2,000 applications before being taken down.

The position, based in London’s affluent Kensington district, requires an exceptional and highly experienced individual who can provide top-tier care for the family’s beloved pets. The dogs’ overall well-being, happiness, and safety are of utmost importance.

Despite its appealing nature, the role is demanding, involving irregular working hours and accompanying the dogs on both domestic and international travel. The nanny must deliver unparalleled care and attention to the dogs, treating them as valued members of the family. They will also be responsible for coordinating veterinary appointments, vaccinations, and health check-ups. Additionally, the nanny will need to create personalized exercise routines for each dog.

The family, who are billionaires and prioritize excellent service, are willing to pay handsomely for the best care possible for their dogs. The dog nanny position offers six weeks of annual leave, although the availability of these vacations may be subject to the needs of the high-profile clients. Flexibility is crucial, as the nanny may be required to drop everything and travel on short notice.

Due to the overwhelming response, the job listing had to be removed from the website as the number of applications skyrocketed from 300 to approximately 2,000 in just a few days. The job gained significant attention through media coverage and TikTok videos, with some videos garnering over one million views.

The recruiter, George Ralph Dunn, mentioned that the family’s desire for the best care attracts top talent through an attractive salary package. However, Dunn did not respond to a request for comment from Insider regarding the role.


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