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Industry Groups Appeal NJ Staffing Law

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Concerns over wages and business impact

Industry groups are taking steps to challenge a federal judge’s ruling that rejected the suspension of a New Jersey staffing law during the ongoing legal proceedings, according to recently submitted court documents. The law includes a provision mandating that temporary workers employed through staffing firms must receive wages equivalent to those of regular employees, among other stipulations. The law officially came into effect last Saturday.

The appeal motion is being jointly filed by prominent organizations, namely the New Jersey Staffing Alliance, the American Staffing Association, and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. The appeal is in response to the judge’s decision on July 26, which denied their request for an injunction to provide relief in this matter.

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association, in a previous statement, expressed its support for the law’s objective of safeguarding and promoting transparency for temporary workers. However, the association voiced concerns that certain provisions relating to wages and benefits could pose significant challenges for staffing firms and even force many of them to cease operations.


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