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Japan’s part-time worker average hourly wage hits record high

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August sees notable yearly and monthly increases

In August, part-time workers in Japan saw a notable surge in their average hourly wages, reaching a record high of JPY 1,319 (USD 8.92). This represented an impressive year-on-year increase of JPY 89 (USD 0.60) and a substantial monthly rise of JPY 39 (USD 0.26). These findings were unveiled through research conducted by the staffing firm and job board, Dip Corp, in collaboration with the part-time job information site, Baitoru.

During the same period, Baitoru reported approximately 282,000 job openings, signifying an 11.8% growth compared to the prior year. However, there was a slight dip of 1.4% when compared to the previous month.

Breaking down the wage data by regions, the Kanto area recorded an average hourly wage of JPY 1,327 (USD 8.97), reflecting a JPY 56 (USD 0.38) increase year-over-year and a JPY 40 (USD 0.27) rise on a monthly basis.

In the Tokai area, the average hourly wage stood at JPY 1,302 (USD 8.81), marking an impressive JPY 96 (USD 0.65) increase compared to the previous year and a monthly gain of JPY 46 (USD 0.31).

Conversely, the Kyushu area witnessed the highest average hourly wage at JPY 1,335 (USD 9.03), demonstrating remarkable year-on-year growth of JPY 177 (USD 1.20) and a solid monthly increase of JPY 55 (USD 0.37).


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