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Job satisfaction drops as gender imbalance grows

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36% women ponder quitting jobs for unequal opportunities.

A new report highlights the growing gender gap in technology –  especially at senior levels of leadership.   

 Skillsoft released its 2023 Women in Tech Report, exploring the top challenges and areas of opportunity for women working in the technology industry. The report cited a shortage of women in senior technology roles – despite demand for professional development and career growth. 

Widespread tech layoffs are disproportionately affecting women and high-profile departures of women tech leaders continue. 

  Key findings of the survey:  

  • 45% of women in tech are outnumbered by men in the workplace by ratios of 4:1 or greater. 
  • 15% of men with 26+ years of tech experience hold executive leadership positions, compared to 4% of women with equal levels of experience 
  • 30% of female technologists report dissatisfaction with their current growth potential  
  • 36% are considering leaving their jobs due to a lack of equity in opportunities 
  • 28% of female technologists were satisfied with their jobs compared to 44% in 2021.  

 Career growth remains a top priority for female technologists and 92% said professional development and training were an extremely important benefit. When asked how employers can best support them, their top responses were; 

  • Providing professional development and training 
  • More coaching and career counselling 
  • Equitable pay 

 Additionally, female technologists are seeking opportunities to build leadership skills and move into senior roles.  They are interested in upskilling in analytics, AI, and machine learning, project management and cybersecurity. 

 Orla Daly, Chief Information Officer of Skillsoft said: “Despite the efforts of organisations to make diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace a priority, our research shows that the gender gap remains quite wide and significant work is needed to achieve true parity at all levels.” 


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