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Lorien: Leading the way in tech recruitment and workforce solutions

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Lorien specialises in providing cutting-edge tech, digital, and professional recruitment solutions.
They combine agility and responsiveness with the backing of the global Impellam Group.
In the second half of 2023, clients are prioritising visibility and data in talent acquisition

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With a remarkable 45-year legacy in recruitment, Lorien has emerged as a formidable challenger in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) marketplace in the past five years. TALiNT International sat down with TIARA sponsors, and tech recruitment leaders, to discuss what sets them apart in the industry and how they are shaping the future of talent acquisition and workforce solutions.

Embracing ‘challenger status’

Lorien specialises in providing cutting-edge tech, digital, and professional recruitment solutions. Being called a ‘Challenger’ in the industry is a badge of honour for Lorien. It reflects their commitment to challenging established and traditional ways of working in favour of more forward-thinking solutions. What truly sets them apart as a challenger is their open-mindedness and flexibility. Lorien builds bespoke client solutions tailored to their unique needs. With a rich heritage in recruitment, they know how to deliver specialist skills directly. Moreover, they offer value-added services as standard, including valuable insights. Lorien’s authenticity and customer-centric approach make them a preferred choice for clients who enjoy working with them.

The power of flexibility and authenticity

Lorien combines agility and responsiveness with the backing of a larger group, the global Impellam Group. Clients choose Lorien for flexibility, authenticity, tech expertise, swift decision-making, and minimal bureaucracy. They provide ‘value-add as standard’ with offerings like market intelligence, analytics, recruitment technology, and candidate engagement events. Despite their Challenger status, Lorien has the scale to offer the best of both worlds to their clients.

The impact of Impellam Group

As a member of the global Impellam Group, Lorien is part of an integrated employment group offering global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions. The recent divestiture of regional specialist staffing and healthcare staffing businesses by Impellam has allowed them to streamline their approach and reaffirm their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) specialist focus. This divestiture has strengthened Lorien’s commitment to providing tech and professional managed solutions, enhancing their agility and innovation.

Current candidate sentiment trends

Lorien’s connectivity to tech candidates gives them unique insights into candidate sentiment trends in the current market. They observe candidates prioritisng cash, while companies are tightening their budgets. There’s also a significant debate over working locations, with some candidates preferring remote work, while others advocate for hybrid arrangements. Interestingly, contingent worker ‘candidate sentiment’ is aligning more closely with that of permanent workers. Lorien closely monitors candidate sentiment through their Lorien Candidate Council and Live Sentiment Gathering via Impellam websites.

Top priorities in Talent Acquisition and Procurement

In the second half of 2023, clients are prioritising visibility and data in talent acquisition and procurement. They seek reliable talent solutions partners who can deliver direct sourcing in challenging business areas. Cost control remains critical, and clients expect cultural cohesion between their business and partners. Traditional value-added services are now table stakes, and clients want partners who can push their businesses forward. They also seek partners with market visibility across diverse sectors and types of customers.

Lorien’s future roadmap

Lorien offers a range of specialist integrated workforce solutions and plans to continue focusing on the intersection of tech and professional specialism with outsourcing expertise. They aim to invest in digital innovation to provide specialist insights within large-scale talent solutions while maintaining a partnership-led approach. Lorien remains committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion both internally and in their service offerings to customers.

AI’s impact on recruitment and work

Lorien sees AI as a transformative force in recruitment and work. It offers increased efficiency, improved candidate experiences, reduced bias, and expanded talent pools. AI will reshape the skills demanded in the tech sector, emphasizing machine learning, natural language processing, and data skills. However, it’s essential to remember that AI’s effectiveness depends on the quality of data and human oversight.

Sponsoring the Talent Acquisition TIARA Awards

Lorien takes pride in sponsoring the Talent Acquisition TIARA Awards for the third year. They support recognizing the outstanding work of TA teams across the UK. This year, they are sponsoring the CX (Customer Experience) Award, particularly interested in how organizations enhance CX through data, technology, and the human touch.

In conclusion, Lorien’s heritage in recruitment, Challenger status, and commitment to innovation make them a prominent player in the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition and workforce solutions. As they continue to adapt to industry trends and client needs, Lorien remains dedicated to delivering excellence and driving positive change in the industry.


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