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Neurodiversity in Business launches new free recruitment tool

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It empowers corporates to take action towards truly inclusive workplaces

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) has announced the launch of its new ND Resource Hub Tool, which provides quick, single-point access to reliable, expert neurodiversity (ND) resources. The ND Resource Hub is said to help organisations advance their ‘Neurodiversity at Work’ programmes and is free for everyone to use.

According to NiB, The ND Resource Hub includes best practice materials from ND experts, advocates, and partners that were reviewed and vetted by NiB’s team of volunteers, many of whom are members of the neurodivergent community.

The tool features accessible, intuitive navigation and filtering and is designed to be responsive to the needs of both corporates and ND employees. It includes a collaboration mechanism to encourage the ND community to submit more best practice resources, furthering knowledge sharing on the topic of neuroinclusion.

Dan Harris, NiB CEO and Founder commented: “Through the ND Resource Hub, we are pleased to provide a single point for organisations of all sizes to find the expert information they need to support neuroinclusive workplaces. The ND Resource Hub drives awareness, understanding about neurodiversity with both general knowledge and deeper exploration into a range of key areas. It empowers corporates to take action towards truly inclusive workplaces.”

The ND Resource Hub is accessible to everyone at https://neurodiversityinbusiness.org/ndresourcehub.


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