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Opportunities abound in the north

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Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds offer the most job opportunities outside London

Opportunities for new jobs are on the rise in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and beyond, according to global recruitment specialists Michael Page. Their insights reveal that while London is still in first place during the first half of 2022, Manchester is the UK’s top job hotspot outside the capital, with more than twice the national average number of job opportunities.

New data has revealed that 83% of jobs are being advertised outside London, showing businesses are looking outside the capital to find talent. This means job seekers no longer need to move to London to find their dream job.

Aside from London, the UK’s top eight job hotspots, in order of total jobs advertised, during the first six months of this year, are:

  1. Manchester, job opportunities up 18% on H1 2021
  2. Birmingham, job opportunities up 27% on H1 2021
  3. Leeds, job opportunities up 24% on H1 2021
  4. Bristol, job opportunities up 24% on H1 2021
  5. Glasgow, job opportunities up 40% on H1 2021
  6. Edinburgh, job opportunities up 40% on H1 2021
  7. Cambridge, job opportunities up 39% on H1 2021
  8. Reading, job opportunities up 36% on H1 2021

Prior to the pandemic, there was growth in the job market in the North and Midlands, but the recent insights from Michael Page show that these regions now offer great opportunities for job seekers.

In Manchester, a thriving tech scene is fuelling the job market, with the city becoming known globally as one of the best places for tech jobs.

In Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh show the largest growth in job creation outside of London compared to 2021, increasing by 40%.

Doug Rode, UK MD at Michael Page, commented: “The UK’s job landscape is changing and there has been a notable increase in companies moving out of London due to cheaper rents and greater access to untapped talent pools, just look at the BBC and Channel 4 as key examples. The Government’s levelling up agenda has also seen many government departments partly relocate across the country, which has been a great driver of jobs to other cities, with many departments heading north to Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield.”

“Big companies moving into new regions naturally creates more local jobs and therefore there is more competition for the best talent. Now that people realise that they don’t have to move to London to fast track their careers, employers are also starting to view regional offices and hires as a long-term investment.”

“Booms in growing industries, such as tech, are creating thousands of jobs in cities across the country. The rise of hybrid and remote working has levelled the playing field and unlocked huge talent pools nationwide, which is great news for employers and workers alike. People no longer need to feel the pressure of having to move to London to get the job they want. The working world is changing. Candidates can afford to shop around for the best job, wherever that might be in the country.”


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