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Page Outsourcing identified as leader in NelsonHall’s 2022 NEAT evaluation

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The report highlighted the customer benefit its link to parent company, PageGroup

Page Outsourcing, a global RPO specialist brand within PageGroup, has been identified as a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2022 NEAT evaluation for Contingent Workforce Services (CWS) and Managed Service Programme (MSP) in the Overall market segment.

Page Outsourcing successfully demonstrated its ability to meet clients’ current requirements as well as support their future needs. The key evaluation criteria included its delivery capability, benefits achievement on behalf of clients, mechanisms in place to drive innovation and the level of investment in the service.

Notably, NelsonHall acknowledged Page Outsourcing’s broad range of flexible recruitment solutions. Combining its in-depth understanding of the talent landscape with the latest technology and data-driven insights, Page Outsourcing’s solutions are tailor-made to meet its clients’ exact needs and key objectives.

The report also highlighted the customer benefit of the brand’s link to parent company, PageGroup. By leveraging the worldwide reach of PageGroup’s three other brands, Page Outsourcing is able to use a widespread network of resources to provide clients with a seamless and consistent process on a global scale. What’s more, the connection offers clients access to unrivalled candidate databases of diverse talent pools across all levels of the market.

Nikki Edwards, Principal HR Analyst at NelsonHall, commented: “Page Outsourcing continues to evolve creative fit-for-purpose CWS & MSP services and solutions for its clients. With Page Outsourcing’s (and the wider PageGroup’s) operating model and technology optimizations, it has become a Leader in the market.”

Published throughout the year, with key topics such as CWS & MSP repeated annually, NEAT reports are based on analysts’ assessments and feedback from vendors’ clients, giving strategic sourcing managers a basis to compare vendors’ capabilities across a range of criteria and business situations.

“Being recognised as a Leader by NelsonHall is testament to our ongoing commitment to helping our clients transform their recruitment processes and provide them with real business value,” says Olly Harris, Global Managing Director at Page Outsourcing. “Today’s businesses are facing an ever-increasing race for talent. As such, quick access to talent and skills is now more important than ever.

“Whether our clients are looking to expand their client base, fill skills gaps, or launch a new product, our unique hybrid approach – which gives clients the ability to use our services only when needed with no long-term commitment – offers a flexible and scalable recruitment solution best suited to their goals and challenges.”


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