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Rising star apprentice celebrates five years with recruitment group

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The Jarell Group was founded 30 years ago and has 150 staff at its offices in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Walsall.

A former apprentice at a national recruitment firm has marked five years in the industry and been labelled as one of the sector’s “rising stars”.

Shannon Fletcher kicked off her career in 2017 as a business administration apprentice at workforce solutions firm The Jarell Group, and has since gone on to lead the Group’s marketing communications drive as part of its national expansion 30 years since it was formed.

Shannon joined the Birmingham-headquartered company at 18 on an apprenticeship after finishing college to help improve her skills and confidence. She has since gone on to complete a second apprenticeship in content management, and further business administration qualifications.

In her fourth year in 2021, she became marketing executive and was placed in charge of the Group’s social media, website, marketing materials and a variety of multi-channel advertising campaigns.

James Cronin, Group Commercial Director commented: “Shannon is without a doubt one of the recruitment industry’s brightest talents and rising stars. We feel very privileged to be playing a big part in her career journey.

“When she joined us five years ago she was fresh out of college, rather shy, but looking for a career where she could learn, achieve and ultimately, make a difference. She has impressed at every turn and that has been recognised with the responsibility she has taken on for our reputation, our brand and our busy marketing portfolio.

“Shannon has done that with absolute perfection and it has underlined not only her own skills, but also why apprenticeships can be so vital to get onto the career ladder. She is the perfect case study.”

Shannon Fletcher added: “When I joined the company I was just 18 and wondering what direction to take.

“An apprenticeship was a brilliant decision for me as it has exposed me to so many different people, experiences and projects – and with amazing support and guidance from people like James, other colleagues and also external consultants we work with.

“It has provided so many opportunities for me and I love that I have been allowed to put my own ideas across and be creative.

“Aside from doing a variety of qualifications and further apprenticeship courses, all supported by James, it has been a big moment for me to lead the full breadth of our marketing and play my role in the next chapter of the Jarell Group story.”



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