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Seek Job ads fall by 12.2% in February

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The monthly job ads decline was driven by New South Wales (-2.7%)

According to job board operator Seek job ads in Australia have fallen by 12.2% year-over-year. On a monthly basis, job ads also fell by 1.6%.

The latest data also shows that applications per job ad decreased over the month for the first time in eight months by 1.8% in January.

On an annual basis, the national decline was driven by drops in Victoria (-18.8%), Australian Capital Territory (-17.1%), and New South Wales (-14.4%). Western Australia (-10.9%), South Australia (-3.4%), Queensland (-2.8%) and Tasmania (-0.4%). The Northern Territory reported an increase of 2.9% over the year.

The monthly job ads decline was driven by New South Wales (-2.7%).

Kendra Banks, Seek ANZ Managing Director commented: “The job market remains tight when comparing to pre-COVID, but in the context of last year’s Great Job Boom, the market has eased and candidate activity is returning to normal levels.”

By industry, hospitality and tourism posted the largest decline by 3.7%. Healthcare and medical, education and training, and community services and development, all recorded increases on a monthly basis.

Job ads in most industries recorded low, single digit decline in February. The larger declines were felt in some of the smaller industries, including Design & Architecture (-7.1%) and Sport & Recreation (-6.2%).

The biggest monthly increase was in Farming, Animals and Conservation (6.3%).


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