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Talent & TIARAs Conference, 2023: discover, network, celebrate!

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The importance of staying ahead of the curve in Talent Acquisition is more important than ever
This summit will bring together TA & HR leaders and delivers a robust agenda
Participation in the event offers a multitude of benefits

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As the talent landscape continually evolves, the importance of staying ahead of the curve in Talent Acquisition is more important than ever. TALiNT Partners is gearing up to host a landmark event that promises to capture the learnings from 2023’s multifaceted talent challenges and provide a glimpse into what lies ahead in 2024.

Over two dynamic days, this summit will bring together TA & HR leaders and delivers a robust agenda encompassing keynote speakers, expert-led roundtable discussions, and a prestigious awards ceremony.

The event is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of interests and challenges faced by HR and Talent Leaders. Day 1 addresses strategic challenges, ranging from leveraging data for informed decision-making to navigating the complexities of hybrid, remote, and return-to-office work models, and securing C-Suite buy-in and investment in TA capability.

Further discussion will revolve around the trends in total talent management, including internal mobility, skill-based hiring, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) improvements. The day culminates with an exploration of the Talent Agenda for 2024, providing attendees with valuable insights to guide their forward strategies.

Day 2 explores specific operational challenges, diving deep into subjects such as crafting a compelling candidate experience and a robust employee value proposition (EVP) that resonates in the new economy. The significance of seamless onboarding will also be highlighted, illustrating how talent acquisition is intricately linked with talent retention and development.

In alignment with the current emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, participants will explore strategies to drive measurable results and gain buy-in for DE&I initiatives. Technology’s role in talent acquisition takes center stage with discussions on building the right tech stack and innovation in assessment methodologies.

The event’s agenda is further enriched by the presence of distinguished keynote speakers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Tarsha LaCour, Chief People Officer at Dallas Mavericks, will offer her insights into people-centric strategies that drive success in talent acquisition. Marcus Sawyerr, Founder of EQ Community, will lend his perspective on community-driven approaches to talent management.

Participation in the event offers a multitude of benefits. From building insight-led narratives for informed decision-making to enhancing the capability to craft effective Talent Acquisition strategies, attendees stand to gain a transformative experience. The event provides a unique opportunity to showcase thought leadership, advance the role of resourcing, and amplify voices at executive committee and C-suite levels.

It is complimentary for delegates to attend the conference. Register to attend here.

After the conference, the TIARA Talent Acquisition Awards will take center stage, celebrating excellence, innovation, and achievement across Talent Acquisition and Resourcing. Eight categories, including Employer Brand, Candidate Experience, TA Team, and DE&I, among others, will recognize exceptional efforts by employers in these crucial areas. The awards not only provide a platform for recognition but also offer a benchmark for industry best practices. We encourage organizations of all sizes and sectors to participate.

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“Talent & TIARAS was a fun event that struck the right balance between hearing from TA experts and getting to network and share ideas with other TA practitioners.” – Senior Director, TA Operations & Assessment, Spectrum and attendee at Talent & TIARAs, 2022.


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