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TALiNT Partners launches series of events in the US

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TALiNT Partners & Mercury presents: Power of the Possible

On March 22 TALiNT Partners will be debating the future of staffing and recruitment at our dinner for CEOs and senior executives from leading staffing and recruitment companies.

This invitation-only event will bring together leaders from the sector’s most innovative and successful businesses to share their perspectives, priorities and predictions.

TALiNT Partners CEO and staffing industry veteran, Ken Brotherston, Country Manager, Ray Culver and Dave Cox of Mercury xRM will host a debate covering the the following questions:

  • How is technology transforming recruitment and enabling recruiters to achieve higher margins as professional service providers?
  • Are recruiters making the most of their tech and data, and how can it be optimised for more predictive applications?
  • How is talent tech enabling better collaboration between sales and marketing, or helping consultants to find and nurture future candidates?
  • What new problems will talent tech need to solve for recruiters and employers?

Come and join the debate, network with peers and enjoy an excellent dinner at one of New York’s finest venues.

Register here to confirm your place, free of charge!


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