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TALiNT Partners releases results of the Talent Acquisition Benchmark Report

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The new TA landscape – more important than ever, more challenging than ever

On 18 November, TALiNT Partners hosted their annual Talent Acquisition Leaders Summit at The King’s Fund in London. TA leaders gathered to hear insights and findings of the Benchmark Report as well as listen to keynote speakers from LinkedIn and Diversity by Design.

Over the last five years the TALiNT Partners Benchmark Programme has been helping talent leaders to review their organisation’s capabilities to acquire and retain the people they need and we are excited to launch our findings in the Talent Acquisition Benchmark Report 2022.

This year TALiNT Partners reached out to Talent Acquisition and HR Leaders in over 400 single and multi-national employers, guiding participants through a rigorous review of their planning, processes, tools and technology to understand key talent trends and challenges.

This year’s Benchmark Report brings into sharp focus the challenges, opportunities and balancing act faced by TA Leaders in 2022.  and the significance of Talent Acquisition has never seen such universal priority.

Findings from the Report include:
• In 2022 talent scarcity has been the predominant theme driving creativity and collaboration but also frustration and uncertainty
• Post-pandemic, every EVP needs a re-fresh
• Internal talent has become a priority, with upskilling and development of existing employees taking centre stage
• Candidate aspirations have changed, necessitating a new approach to the employment relationship
• Several areas of TA have been deprioritised to free up time and resource to deliver essential changes
• Diversity is important, but not as important as filling the job
• Less enthusiasm for new tech (apart from onboarding and upskilling) and more focus on making what they have work better.

This is just a glimpse of what lies ahead in this thought-provoking and candid view of the 2022 talent acquisition landscape.

Each of the twelve categories has its own story to tell.

Download the report here – https://info.talintpartners.com/benchmark-2022