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Tech lunch & Learn, TALiNT Partners at the Beaumont

TALiNT Scene: From London to Manchester

TALiNT Partners brings together industry leaders from across the talent ecosystem to talk about international growth, AI and leveraging the employer brand in TA.

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Adapting to the evolving role of AI and automation in recruitment.
How to leverage machine learning, address cyber risks, and optimise data and talent management.
Illuminating employer brands through impactful candidate journeys.

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TALiNT Partners had a hot month back on the events scene after a lukewarm summer and discussions had did not disappoint. From London to  Manchester, TALiNT Partners hosted the best leaders in the biz and talked about international growth for recruiters, AI and how it is imperative for organisations to grow a diverse talent pool!

7 September, Beaumont Hotel, London Global Growth Lunch & Learn - How can recruiters maximise international growth opportunities?

TALiNT Partners convened a highly insightful Lunch & Learn event at The Beaumont in Mayfair, addressing the pressing challenges faced by recruiters in today’s dynamic landscape. As the UK grapples with declining vacancy numbers and increasing borrowing costs, recruiters are seeking strategies to harness growth opportunities on the global stage.

Esteemed recruitment leaders, including Ben Broughton from Primis, Nadeem Ahmad of Templeton and Partners – Tech Recruitment, and Keith Jones from NES Fircroft, shared their expertise on successful market entry into the US, DACH, Benelux, APAC, and MENA regions.

Supporting partners, such as Amy Davies of PGC Group, Jonathan C. from 6CATSPRO, Neil Curry of TargetRecruit, and Julie Fouad of IMS People Possible, offered valuable insights on scaling, differentiation, and risk mitigation.

Key takeaways from the event included the importance of advisory boards, niche specialisation, rigorous client evaluation, compliance measures, and adapting to the evolving role of AI and automation in recruitment. These strategies empower recruiters to navigate the evolving landscape effectively while maximising growth potential.

15 September, The Beaumont, London: Tech Lunch & Learn - How are AI, Analytics and Automation transforming recruitment?

TALiNT Partners reconvened at the prestigious Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair for an engaging session delving into the intersection of AI and recruitment. With 30 staffing leaders in attendance, the discussion revolved around the notion that AI doesn’t replace recruiters but rather empowers those who can harness its potential.

Attendees were treated to a smorgasbord of tactics on leveraging machine learning, addressing cyber risks, and optimising data and talent management. Insights from partner experts like Leon Penny of SynergyGroup, Chris Kendrick of Mercury, and thought leader Jez Clark from Eden Smith Group added depth to the conversation.

Key takeaways prompted some intriguing questions. How are managers utilizing cloud-based AI to monitor and enhance work practices? Can recruiters transform their teams into human firewalls to counter the rising threat of cyberattacks? And importantly, how can AI-driven insights empower consultants to evolve into strategic advisors, secure higher-value business, shift focus from candidates to clients, and discern when not to pursue a client?

The event provided valuable food for thought, reinforcing that AI is a tool to amplify, not replace, the role of recruiters in shaping the future of talent acquisition.

21 September, King Street Townhouse Hotel, Manchester: TALiNT Partners & inploi: Powering the hiring journey to reach tomorrow’s workforce

In a rapidly evolving workforce landscape, the imperative to engage diverse talent pools and enhance employer branding has never been more critical. To address these challenges and cultivate responsive strategies, an immersive gathering of industry experts and peers offers a wealth of invaluable insights.

In collaboration with inploi, our exclusive lunch and learn event provides a unique opportunity to explore strategies for identifying and capturing exceptional candidates. The discussions promise to be transformative, covering key themes such as:

  1. Discovering new talent pools while balancing quantity and quality through strategic friction.
  2. Illuminating employer brands through impactful candidate journeys.
  3. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as a cornerstone for building diverse talent reservoirs.
  4. Understanding the driving forces behind talent acquisition, including evolving candidate and employee expectations and demographic shifts.
  5. Harnessing the power of data to shape effective talent acquisition strategies.

With expert-led discussions and insights from a distinguished community of talent acquisition leaders and industry experts, this event offers a unique opportunity for idea exchange, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of success stories, all set against the backdrop of an exceptional lunch in a splendid environment.



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