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The gift of the GAB

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It’s fair to say that talent acquisition (TA) leaders across the world would call out the constantly evolving world of work as well as the agility needed to build the right strategies as top of the list of importance when looking into the next 12 months. And so often those challenges and designing solutions to meet them is something they face alone.

So, in response to those needs, TALiNT Partners has put in place a Global Advisory Board (GAB) to create an exclusive group of senior leaders who, alongside our TALiNT Partners leadership team, share market insights, influence talent strategy and act as a sounding board to test ideas and share these with our members.

The Board is led by Declan Slattery, Chair of our Global Advisory Board, and he recently laid out its purpose and goals. ‘Our Board

will also enable members to leverage the meeting agendas and content to help shape deployment of their own strategies whilst having direct access to TALiNT Partners’ senior executive team and thought leadership experts.

At TALiNT Partners we have always been progressive and continue to evolve what we do to meet the needs of our members. Therefore, as the market leader in bringing together a global network of leading employers and solution providers to make better talent strategy and technology decisions, we are eager to grow and share our ability to provide market intelligence, insight and peer-to-peer networking that drives quality, innovation and improves inclusion across the talent ecosystem.’

‘I felt the meeting was so insightful. It was so helpful to work, listen and share with such a diverse and open group of individuals.’ – Caroline Smith, Senior Vice President, Director of Talent Acquisition at Citizens Bank

Declan went on to say, ‘We launched our first board meeting in December, with members from the UK and USA

representing industries that include consumer electronics, retail and investment banking, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, software development and global communications. The depth of conversation was incredible with some big key themes emerging especially around ways of working, market uncertainty, internal mobility and DE&I which perhaps not surprisingly, resonated across all our board members, both in the UK and USA.’

‘There are so many sides to a TA leader’s role and being part of the GAB provides a unique space to not only test my own thinking and strategy but to also understand how other leaders are approaching the same global challenges. I’m also really looking forward to helping TALiNT Partners shape their proposition, which I know will bring benefits to the wider TA community.’ – Glen Wilson, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Qontigo

Our Advisory Board will run right through 2023 and each meeting’s agenda will be developed in consultation with the board members and will typically include:

  • Facilitated discussion on strategic trends and industry issues.
  • Keynote on the most relevant topics to be covered during the meeting.
  • Networking platform for member peer interaction.
  • Early insight into future TALiNT Partners’ strategic initiatives and specific member use cases of interest to the group.


Gift of the GAB

‘Being a member of the board is really valuable to me. Not only does it provide a dynamic forum to explore shared challenges and solutions, it’s fantastic to see how TALiNT Partners use it to ensure they are focused on the most impactful current day events and topics for their leadership community.’ – Todd Harrison, Head of Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Sony Europe

Our Global Advisory Board is a unique and rich reservoir of critical insights for TA leaders that we will no doubt continue to share, but there’s also the opportunity for TA leaders to become involved and be at the forefront of strategic thinking by joining our Talent Leaders Membership Programme. And you can find out more about how that works by contacting declan@talintpartners.com.


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