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Patrick Beharelle, CEO

Trueblue reports second quarter 2021 results

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TrueBlue, specialists in workforce solutions and recruitment, this week announced strong revenue growth across all segments. Second quarter revenue was $516m, an increase of 44 percent compared to revenue of $359m in the second quarter of 2020. Net income per diluted share was $0.45 compared to net loss per diluted share of $0.23 in the second quarter of 2020.

“The momentum from earlier in the year carried into the second quarter with strong revenue growth across all segments driven by new business wins and higher existing client volumes,” said Patrick Beharelle, CEO of TrueBlue. “We are capitalising on strong demand in the markets and industries we serve and driving improvement in our segment profit margins.

“I’m enthusiastic that our technology strategies will also make our service delivery costs more scalable resulting in a higher EBITDA1 margin during this economic expansion compared to the last cycle,” Mr. Beharelle continued. “JobStack continues to be a competitive differentiator for our PeopleReady business as heavy client users show stronger growth compared to the rest of our customer base and now represent 46 percent of PeopleReady U.S. on-demand revenue. We are excited about the prospects for the remainder of the year and beyond.”

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