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UK employers should prioritise a holistic culture over flexible working

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A toxic workplace is the primary reason for employees resigning

Brits are more than twice as likely to leave their job due to negative company culture or a toxic working environment – more than the limitations of flexible working, a survey revealed.

The Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group survey of 1,500 UK employees, puts the onus on employers to prioritise employee satisfaction and instil an inclusive and positive culture in the workplace. Organisations need to meet the expectations of employees to attract and retain talent at a time where the talent shortage is at an all-time high.

Over 80% of 25–44-year-olds would not consider limitations to flexible working a reason to hand in their notice, challenging the general consensus.

The top reasons for why employees to consider resigning are;

  • Ineffective or toxic line management
  • Lack of recognition
  • Negative company culture
  • Toxic working environment
  • Poor job security

Barry Winkless, CSO of Cpl and Head of Cpl’s Future of Work Institute said: “In a world competing for the best talent, many businesses are ill-equipped to position themselves as an attractive, destination workplace that puts a human and holistic approach at the centre. The creation of a true destination workplace requires a constant focus on ensuring a fully diverse and inclusive environment which allows people to be themselves at work.

“By focusing on holistic needs- personal, emotional, and social- across diverse workforces, we can continuously improve the humanity of an organisation. Meeting these new expectations of employees will be fundamental to retaining precious talent.”

For more information; https://www.talentevolutiongroup.com.


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