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Challenges faced by Talent Acquisition and Staffing

Illuminating the challenges of Talent Acquisition and Staffing in the US

TALiNT Partners gathered TA and Staffing leaders in Atlanta and NYC uniting TA and Staffing Leaders to discuss the shared challenges and triumphs.

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US dinner supported by Grace and iCIMS.
The evolution of remote and flexible work models.
Recruiters are undergoing a transformation, becoming more “tooled up” than ever before.

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In the midst of a week that unveiled the annual Best Countries ranking by US News, an intriguing revelation emerged – a considerable number of Americans hold the belief that the United Kingdom reigns as the world’s preeminent nation. Against this backdrop, the timing couldn’t have been more opportune for a transatlantic voyage, one that brought together Talent Acquisition Leaders and Staffing Leaders for insightful gatherings in the vibrant cities of Atlanta and New York. These gatherings have long served as a crucible, illuminating the common challenges and distinctions that define two pivotal markets, never ceasing to captivate and intrigue.

Our first dinner was supported by Grayce and iCIMS, both at the forefront of innovation and original thinking in their respective areas of expertise.

The hire-train-deploy model is not as established in the US as it is in the UK but the underlying requirement to help young people be work ready in a range of specialist roles is just as acute. This is especially true for employers looking to engage with a more diverse range of candidates.

It is clear the pendulum has swung a bit further towards ‘back to the office’ but there is clearly no settled position on what is ‘best practice’.

Likewise, in an evolving post-pandemic world, successful candidate engagement is a delicate dance that requires harmony with a technology infrastructure that not only streamlines processes but also consistently delivers high-calibre talent. iCIMS had some great examples of how this can be delivered, especially in relation to creating and running internal talent marketplaces. Marketplaces are undoubtedly becoming a key tool in helping employers get better at managing their own talent.

The evolution of remote and flexible work models, and the impact of AI…

…Two other topics loom large in all of our discussions with employers

It is clear the pendulum has swung a bit further towards ‘back to the office’ but there is clearly no settled position on what is ‘best practice’ and this discussion is set to run and run.

Likewise, as AI looms ever-larger on the horizon it will become a force in Talent Acquisition beyond mere process optimization. AI is poised to reshape the skills landscape but our group did note the potentially profound implications for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives – both good and bad. .

Shifting our focus to the insights gleaned in Atlanta, one pressing challenge was highlighted – solving the enigma of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). It is increasingly evident that talent technology should transcend the role of a mere process streamliner. Instead, it should evolve to offer intelligence and insights, augmenting decision-making processes.

TALiNT Partners’ US Dinner series helps make sense of the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of Talent Acquisition and Staffing

The convergence of permanent and contingent staffing models surfaces as another key topic. The imperative here is to acknowledge that the talent pool isn’t confined solely to fresh candidates; it needs to extend to past employees and silver medallists who may, in fact, be better suited for current roles.

Additionally, a dynamic approach to attrition, particularly among younger employees, becomes essential, with proper offboarding serving as a bridge to rehiring.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives were again an important part of our conversation, with our group the criticality of  visible representation across all levels of an organizations.

Shifting our focus to the perspectives of Staffing Leaders, the role of AI in staffing also emerges as a burning question with our partner for our Atlanta staffing leaders dinner, MERCURY, being at the forefront of helping to find the answers. AI’s impact is increasingly prevalent for staffing firms  profoundly influences the alignment of technology with client needs. Tech evolution, with its relentless pace, also exerts a profound influence on candidates. The automation revolution raises questions about the future viability of certain roles, reshaping the employment landscape.

A fundamental shift is occurring in the client-candidate interaction dynamic. Rather than a frenzied race to submit candidates, there is increasing value in affording both clients and candidates the time needed to assess fit meticulously.

Challenges faced by Talent Acquisition and Staffing firms

The sheer volume of automated processes within the staffing market is nothing short of astounding, warranting careful consideration and a measured approach on behalf of buyers.

Recruiters are undergoing a transformation, becoming more “tooled up” than ever before. This empowerment equips them to engage more effectively with both candidates and clients, facilitating better matches.

The escalating prevalence of fake profiles in the digital realm underscores the pressing concern of cybersecurity. External recruiters, as the first line of defence, often shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding against these threats.

In conclusion, as talent leaders grapple with multifaceted challenges, the industry stands at the cusp of transformation, driven by the forces of technology, evolving remote work trends, and an unwavering commitment to diversity and excellence. These insights are only the tip of the iceberg in the insights generated by our guests during our dinners – you really did have to be there!


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