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Veterans are the UK’s largest untapped resource in tackling the digital skills crisis

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85% of veterans demonstrate above average technology skills

A recent report reveals UK armed forces veterans hold the key to help bridge the UK’s digital skills gap.  

The latest WithYouWithMe’s report, ‘A new frontier for veteran employment,’ found that 85% of veterans demonstrate intermediate or above technology skills, surpassing the general population in abstract reasoning. However, businesses continue to overlook them in the fight against the technical skills gap despite being the UK’s largest untapped resource in tackling the digital skills crisis.

This ground-breaking study analysed two years’ worth of data from over 2,000 UK veterans and revealed that one third of UK veterans excel in digital symbol coding and they are commonly suited for careers in project management, operations, and cyber incident response.

Veterans are the UK’s primary source of security cleared talent for defence and national security organisations. Over 700,000 veterans are employed in the UK, but more than half are in low-paid or routine occupations that don’t utilise their full skills

While 71% of medium and large organisations are open to hiring veterans – only 39% would consider someone without industry experience.