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Debbie Walton, Editor at TALiNT Partners

Webcam monitoring violates human rights, Dutch court says

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Leadership teams should be trained to manage a new remote workforce

According to a report by TechCrunch, monitoring employees by webcam is violation of human rights; this following Chetu, a Florida-based telemarketer, demanded a worker in the Netherlands turn on his webcam for nine hours per day and fired him when he refused, but a Dutch court later ruled against the firm.

The Dutch court’s ruling suggested the required use of webcams to monitor workers violates human rights. In court documents cited in the report, the worker said he felt the requirement was an invasion of privacy and suggested the company was already able to monitor all activities on his laptop and he was sharing his screen.

Debbie Walton, Editor at TALiNT Partners commented: “Considering the sharp focus that is on employee wellbeing, with burnout rife since work/ home lines are blurred with remote working, the micromanagement of staff won’t do much to retain valuable staff. Employers should ensure that their leadership teams are supported and trained where managing a remote workforce is in question.”


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