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Worst commuter towns revealed

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The average person spends around 23 days a year commuting to and from work

With 24% of Brits hybrid working and 14% working from home exclusively, a large part of the workforce still travels to and from work daily with evidence stating that even an extra 10 minutes of commuting can drastically reduce overall job satisfaction. New research from the flexible working company Easy Offices ranked the worst commutes across the UK.

Who has the longest commute?

It comes as no surprise that Londoners have it the worst, with research showing the average Londoner spends 80 minutes travelling to and from work by car, train or bus daily, racking up around 27 hours a month of travel time.

Outside of the Capital, residents in the Surrey town of Guildford face the second longest commute in the country, at 58 minutes a day and 19 hours a month.

The research, conducted by the ONS, looked at the median commuting time across the country and all transport types to determine who spends the most time travelling to work.

Of the top 10 regions with the most extended travels, East London has it the worst, with commutes in places like Chelmsford, Luton, Cambridge and Huntingdon taking up to 19 hours a month.

On the opposite end of the scale, residents in North West London have it the best, with those in Carlisle and Burnley travelling for just 28 minutes a day or up to 11 hours a month.

See below for the top 20 longest commutes:

City Minutes Spent Commuting Per Day Hours Spent Commuting Per Month
London 80 27
Guildford & Aldershot 58 19
Chelmsford 56 19
Bridgend 56 19
Luton 52 17
Eastbourne 52 17
Nottingham 52 17
Cambridge 50 17
Huntingdon 50 17
Reading 50 17
Barnsley 48 16
Bedford 48 16
Bristol 48 16
Birmingham 48 16
Canterbury 48 16
Leeds 48 16
York 48 16
Coventry 48 16
Derby 46 15
Worcester 46 15

The future of flexibility

It’s alarming to note that the average person spends around 23 days a year commuting but rising costs and a difference in how we work is changing this.

Half of Brits (46%) would like to work from home more often to avoid mounting fuel costs, and 30% would prefer their companies to offer a flexible hybrid approach, which enables people to choose which days to work remotely vs in the office.

With that in mind, more companies can help their teams combat increased costs and improve workplace satisfaction by offering more flexibility, not just in how they work but where they work too.

John Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at Easy Offices said: “With an extensive portfolio of coworking space, serviced and managed offices in the UK, Easy Offices can help commuters find an office that is flexible, affordable and ideally located to shorten the daily commute or even cut it out. We know that commuting can add stress to the workday and at Easy Offices we are committed to helping reduce the workday stress across the UK.”


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