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1 in 10 workers have a second job due to cost-of-living crisis

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34% of all employees are currently looking to move jobs

A workplace survey by CareerWallet has revealed that 14% of employees across the UK have had to find a second job to supplement their incomes and cover the huge increase in costs on bills, food, petrol and many other essential outgoings.

The survey showed that over a third (34%) of all employees are currently looking to move jobs which amounts to over 10 million employees in the UK. This huge shift is said to be driven by individuals looking for higher salaries with 37% admitting they want to leave because they they’re not paid enough.

In a nutshell, these figures that more than a third of the workforce are looking to change jobs, and in a skills thin market this is concerning for employers and TA teams.

Craig Bines, CEO of The CareerWallet Group, commented: “It is hugely concerning to see that 14% of the nation’s workforce is having to find a second income just to cover living costs and this will certainly have an impact on recruitment this year.

Recruiting is tough at the moment and the results of our survey suggest it is only going to get harder. Finding the right employees can be hard, so businesses need to look after their staff now more than ever.

As we can see many candidates will be looking to move jobs, especially as it is the start of a new year and in this buoyant job market, plenty of roles are available. At CareerWallet we have millions of vacancies available across the UK, so it is an ideal time to register and find your next position.”


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