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1 in 4 employees are job hunting

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Job seekers prioritize higher salaries and remote work options

According to a recent report released on July 27 by Robert Half, a prominent talent solutions and business consulting firm, a quarter of the workforce is actively seeking new job opportunities, indicating a positive outlook for the job market in the remainder of 2023.

The survey, which involved 2,500 U.S. workers, revealed that an additional 24% are planning to embark on a job search by the year’s end. When combining these figures, it amounts to 49% of workers considering a job change, a noticeable increase from 41% during the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

Dawn Fay, the operational president of Robert Half, emphasized the significance of this data for employers, particularly those grappling with recruitment challenges. She stated that skilled workers are eager to seize the right opportunity when presented to them.

The primary motivation cited by job seekers in the survey was a higher salary, followed by improved benefits and remote work options. Additionally, about 40% of workers expressed openness to contract roles.

On the other hand, certain factors were noted as likely to cause workers to lose interest in a job and withdraw from the application process. These included poor communication and follow-up from hiring managers, excessive rounds of interviews, and a protracted hiring procedure.

The study also highlighted specific groups more prone to making career moves in 2023. Gen Z workers topped the list, followed by technology professionals, working parents, and employees with two to four years of tenure at their current companies.

For both recruitment and retention efforts, pay emerged as a pivotal factor. A recent survey indicated that more than three-fourths of U.S. companies intend to increase salaries in 2024. However, the average expected increase is 3.8%, slightly lower than the 4% increase witnessed this year.

Dawn Fay stressed the importance of competitive pay and benefits, along with fostering a work culture that promotes employee well-being and professional growth. She advised that efficiency and openness to negotiation play critical roles in attracting top talent.

As the job market continues to evolve, companies that embrace these insights and adapt accordingly are likely to thrive in attracting and retaining skilled employees.”


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