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27% of UK adults wish they worked in the tech sector

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41% of UK adults also wish they’d had access to more tech subjects at school

New findings released by Experis, global IT professional resourcing, have revealed that the country is harbouring an untapped reservoir of talent with huge potential. However, employers need to do more to communicate the opportunities and benefits of a career in tech alongside an expansion in the right training.

According to the research, more than a quarter of UK adults wish they worked in the tech sector – while nearly one in four would consider taking courses, like those offered through the Experis Academy, with the aim of moving into the industry.  With this sector continuing to face a significant skills gap in high-demand roles from software development to data engineering, this news is particularly encouraging for both industry employers and prospective candidates.

The research details other insights including:

  • Good salary: The greatest factor driving people towards a career in tech – 39% of UK adults believe the tech sector offers better pay than their current industry
  • Making a difference: One in five UK adults saying they would like a career in tech to help make the world a better place
  • Flexible working opportunities: One in five see flexible working are a key reason for wanting a career in tech.

However, the survey details some confusion with nearly a fifth of UK adults (19%) believing that a career in tech and a career in IT is the same thing ­– with more needing to be done by employers and industry to raise awareness of what such a career really is.

As the need for IT and tech skills accelerates, Experis is helping organisations transform their digital infrastructure, enterprise applications, cloud, and cyber security – through Experis Academy, a new solution from ManpowerGroup that helps organisations solve their pressing workforce challenges by providing access to in-demand talent today, whilst helping businesses build a sustainable talent pipeline for the future.

Almost half of those surveyed (41%) studied tech related subjects at school, but nearly as many UK adults (41%) wish they had access to more tech subjects and training at school. This indicates that businesses and training providers in tech and IT could leverage more homegrown talent across the UK by better highlighting the benefits of working in the industry and making sure that any skills and training programmes are effectively promoted.

Michael Noone, Academy Lead at Experis commented: “As demand for IT and tech skills outstrips supply, businesses continue to face talent shortages and bottlenecks, while our findings show there is great enthusiasm for working in these sectors – highlighting a largely untapped talent pool. While the appetite for working in tech and IT-related disciplines is clear from this survey, there remains a mismatch between the specialist skills that employers require and the broader untapped talent in the UK market. This is compounded by the speed of change in technologies and digital, making IT positions ever-harder to fill.

“But there is a way forward. As our recent international research into this issue has found – from talking to 40,000 hiring decision makers in 40 countries – employers in the sector must revolutionise their strategy, and think outside of the box to keep their businesses thriving and employees engaged.  There is huge potential to unlock hidden talent in the sector itself by reskilling and upskilling existing employees, especially those who occupy mid-level positions.

The survey is based on responses from 3,000 UK adults, aged 18+ and working in full-time employment. 


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