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40% of office workers fear being displaced by AI

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45% feel they do not have the right skills to keep up with the AI revolution

The UK could be heading for an AI-triggered employment crisis as four in 10 UK office workers fear it will replace them in their jobs, but a majority have no idea how and what skills they might need to keep ahead of the advancing technological changes.

The findings are part of new research of 2,000 UK workers from LHH, a leading global talent development and career solutions company, highlighting the pressures, concerns and struggles of the UK workforce as it adapts to the impact of AI across the employment market.

LHH’s research revealed that 45% are worried their skills are not up to scratch for future job opportunities and 59% would like to develop new skills to propel their career, but have no idea how to pursue them. Despite the current economic climate, 63% of workers are now considering a job change.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of surveyed workers revealed that they haven’t had a career development conversation with their manager in the last 12 months. Unsurprisingly, 61% are worried about the economy and recent layoff and redundancy news, and 40% expressed concern about being laid off by their current employer. Workloads are increasing too. Two-thirds (67%) said they have been asked to take on more work due to recent resignations and hiring freezes, and 75% said their work culture includes an expectation to go above and beyond at all times.

JC Townend, President of the Adecco Group and CEO at LHH Career Transition & Mobility for UK&I said: “It’s clear that the fear of being displaced by AI is keeping UK workers awake this summer. No doubt stimulated by the media hype and the unknown, many are wondering what their opportunities could look like in the coming years. However, this could be a time of real opportunity, with new roles and requirements appearing all the time. People should embrace AI, not fear it.  AI-equipped automation technology could be the exact solution businesses can employ to aid staff with their workload pressures.”


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