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TIARA Talent Acquisition Awards, 2022

TALiNT Partners launches TIARA Talent Acquisition Awards MENA 2024

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TALiNT Partners announces launch of TIARA Talent Acquisition Awards in the MENA region.
TIARAs are the largest global awards programme in the talent ecosystem.
Hallmark of the TIARA Awards is the unwavering commitment to quality, impartiality, and expertise.

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TALiNT Partners have announced the launch of the Talent Acquisition Awards MENA as an integral part of the prestigious TIARA Awards series, the largest and most renowned global awards platform within the talent ecosystem, celebrated for its commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Talent Acquisition Awards MENA, a distinguished addition to this illustrious series, is designed to honour exceptional accomplishments across various domains, including talent sourcing, recruitment practices, employer branding, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and candidate experience enhancements, among others. These awards serve as a prominent stage for organisations to showcase their innovative and effective strategies that have elevated their talent attraction and retention efforts.

TIARA Awards are synonymous with excellence in the industry

Ken Brotherston, Chief Executive at TALiNT Partners, remarked, “As talent strategies in the MENA region continue to evolve and gain significance on the global stage, we believe the timing is ideal to introduce our Talent Acquisition Awards. We eagerly anticipate acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable work undertaken by forward-thinking employers throughout the region.”

The Talent Acquisition Awards MENA comprises eight distinct categories that recognize excellence across all facets of talent acquisition, with a specific emphasis on transformative practices that have enhanced organisational efficiency.

An inherent hallmark of the TIARA Awards is the unwavering commitment to quality, impartiality, and expertise upheld by our esteemed panel of industry experts and Talent Leaders. Their extensive experience and profound insights are instrumental in identifying outstanding achievements. Furthermore, a distinctive feature of the TIARAs is the provision of comprehensive, confidential feedback to all finalists, a valuable aspect of the TIARA experience cherished by our participants.

The eagerly awaited announcement of the winners will take place at the grand Awards Ceremony in Dubai, a momentous occasion set to celebrate the pinnacle of talent acquisition excellence.

To discover more about these exciting new awards and how to participate, please visit our website here.


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