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48% of workers want their dogs at work  

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Employers must provide Apple devices

A study by Ivory Research has revealed the list of priorities a typical Gen Z worker will consider before accepting a new role.

Much like all workers in the current market, hybrid working tops the list of Gen Z requirements, with a whopping 87% of those surveyed stating they wouldn’t accept a role that was 100% office based. However, having the option to move between the office and home is important too, with 74% saying the ideal home/office balance is three days in the office and two at home. Two-thirds of Gen Zs would expect their company to provide subsidised travel or season ticket loans, and 72% would expect some sort of free food or drink, with ‘desk drinks’ on a Friday being a key wish for 65% of the respondents.

Following the boom in dog ownership during lockdown in 2020, new pets are a top priority for Gen Zs with nearly half (48%) of respondents claiming they’d need their new employer to welcome dogs into the workplace if they were to accept a role.

Other top priorities for Gen Zs looking for full-time employment include:

  • The provision of Apple devices
  • No face-to-face interviews
  • No previous industry experience
  • Early finish on Fridays
  • Training and mentorship programme
  • Active work-based social calendar

Maria Ovdii, Co-Founder of Ivory Research, commented: “We conducted this research to understand the current landscape for Gen Zs and job searches. For employers, it’s really interesting to see what they need to consider when hiring new employees – the hybrid working model is seemingly here to stay. It’s a candidate-driven market currently, and potential employees know they have power ­– time to start welcoming those pet pooches through the doors!”


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