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74% of UK workers expect a 5.6% salary increase this year

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New salary guide reveals earning expectations of London candidates

A recent Marketing and Digital Salary guide, tailored to London professionals, reveals over half of UK workers believe they are underpaid for their current job, while 74% expect a 5.6% salary increase this year – highlighting the reality of pay expectations compared to inflation and the rising cost of living.

The 2023 London Salary Guide, compiled by recruitment agency, Forward Role, collated salary data and job search trends across different areas of London to deliver a comprehensive industry overview, providing valuable insight to employers and candidates to benchmark salaries.

Out of all the digital marketing channels, PPC has the most skills shortages due to fewer graduates joining the space during the pandemic. Many brands and businesses have come to prioritise customer relationship management and email marketing as increasingly desired skills. Agencies still continue to offer reduced salaries compared to the client side and therefore 80% of candidates would prefer to work on the client side.

Due to skills and talent shortages, the industry has become more competitive – meaning counter-offers have become the norm with some businesses presenting counter-offers of up to £17k.

In 2023, benefits are an essential factor to jobseekers with hybrid working being the most important benefit to employees.

The complete guide can be downloaded here


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