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75% of US freelancers are using generative AI

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Rapid adoption has resulted in productivity gains and increased efficiencies

Generative AI is widely embraced by freelancers in the United States, with a staggering 75% incorporating it into their work, as indicated by a survey conducted by Freelancer.com. Among the respondents, 33% reported using generative AI tools consistently, while 25% utilized such tools occasionally.

Freelancer.com CEO, Matt Barrie, commented on the rapid adoption of AI tools by freelancers in the US, stating, “Freelancers from the United States were extremely fast to adopt AI tools and, as you can see from the results, a majority are harnessing the power of generative AI for productivity gains and to complete projects more efficiently. Now that these tools are readily available, what we expect to see is workers moving up the stack, acting more as project managers, editors, directors, or producers.”

The survey revealed that the most common application of AI in the freelance workspace is within tasks that encompass 1% to 25% of a worker’s responsibilities. The predominant use of AI tools revolves around automating responses and streamlining laborious tasks.

Despite the widespread integration of AI, the report highlighted that over half of the surveyed freelancers express concerns about AI replacing their jobs. Of those surveyed, 58% expressed significant apprehension about being supplanted by AI, while 22% expressed moderate concern regarding job displacement by AI.

Freelancer.com conducted the survey from May to June, encompassing a sample of 1,300 individuals from its US network.


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