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A fifth of Brits are indifferent to meeting colleagues

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Only 3% want to go in the office more

New research has revealed that a fifth of UK employees don’t prioritise meeting colleagues in person.

However, the TravelPerk survey, which explored hybrid working patterns, cites a healthy 58% feel meeting in person is important because it creates a sense of belonging to the team.

  • 43% think it boosts creativity
  • 23% want to go into the office less
  • 3% wanting to go into the office more

The survey revealed that 69% of workers are required to go into the office a certain number of days per week or month. Of those, 28% work five days a week from the office compared to those that work four days (9%), three days (22%), two days (24%) a week or less (16%).

Only a small minority felt that hybrid working encourages better communication with their team (8%) and a better relationship with their boss (7%). A third use their time in the office for 1-1 meetings with their manager or team, followed by meeting new team members (30%). In-person meetings are also used for brainstorming or strategy sessions (22%), social events (20%), large meetings with multiple people (16%) and workshops or skill development sessions (13%).

The survey, is based on a sample of 1,000 UK employees working from an office or home. Almost half of hybrid workers like it because they spend less time commuting and have more quality time. Of those, 34% say they are more productive – 29% enjoy the balance of time at home and interacting with colleagues in the office, 27% say it has a positive impact on their mental and physical health and 15% are comfortable with their workstation setup.

Avi Meir, CEO, TravelPerk said: “Technology will never replace the magic and energy that exists when people get together in person. That’s why so many businesses are keen to encourage workers to return to the office and why many employees are embracing it – because the meetings that matter, happen in person.

“The need for in-person connections is deeply rooted in who we are as human beings, and this comes through very clearly in the survey. Those in-real-life connections enable meaningful interactions, business opportunities and team success stories, which are necessary for businesses to thrive.”

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