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AI platform HireVue acquires ModernHire

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Anthony A. Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer at HireVue spoke exclusively to TALiNT International

HireVue, the video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting solutions, announced it has acquired Modern Hire, the intelligent hiring platform. Modern Hire will become part of the HireVue family of solutions with immediate effect.

The acquisition of Modern Hire will provide organisations with an easier way to realise the full benefits of the most comprehensive and innovative platform for assessment, interviewing and end-to-end hiring automation. Solidifying HireVue’s position as the industry leader in modern hiring solutions powered by ethical AI, this will accelerate HireVue’s ability to help all organisations identify employee and candidate potential beyond resumes.

Anthony A. Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer at HireVue spoke exclusively to TALiNT International. He said: “The ethical use of artificial intelligence is changing hiring for the better, and HireVue’s acquisition of Modern Hire is the next evolution in just how great these tools can be for both clients and their candidates. HireVue and Modern Hire have both made significant investments in scientific research and have a history of pushing the HR technology industry toward greater transparency and a higher set of AI ethics.”

Modern Hire, a marketplace innovator with its Virtual Job Tryout® role-based assessments and advanced selection science is committed to creating new and practical ways of measuring and understanding human performance. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, Modern Hire’s customers include FedEx, Charter Communications, Humana and Delta Airlines. Broadening HireVue’s product family to provide solutions for organisations at any stage in the skills based hiring journey, the company will now serve over 1,150 customers around the globe and over half of the Fortune 100.

Karin Borchert, Modern Hire CEO also commented: “Together our global scale, commitment to customer success, unmatched technology and talented teams provide a tremendous opportunity to rapidly expand hiring solutions for customers and their candidates alike.”

With Modern Hire, HireVue will increase its expertise and scale to empower organisations worldwide with the goal of building top-performing teams by matching potential to opportunity with a faster and fairer hiring process. HireVue’s prides itself in its commitment to prioritising people and skills grows further and with this acquisition, they will ensure candidates develop and unlock their potential now and throughout their career journey.

HireVue intends to quickly accelerate the growth of both companies’ technology to create innovative solutions that allow organisations to understand and activate a candidate’s potential beyond just their background and experience.

Anthony made further comment: “Together we’re going to redefine what transformative talent experiences look like, and it starts with enabling more businesses to use AI where it’s best suited:

  • AI automates mundane tasks and gives talent leaders back precious time to focus on relationship building while giving candidates greater flexibility around when to interview and how they receive feedback
  • It also raises the bar on fairness, with auditable and explainable tools that are easier to hold to account than black box human decision making.

We’re at an inflection point in the global workforce – demographics are shifting, consumer demands are permanently altered, and skills shortages persist. It’s against all of these trends that hiring teams desperately need to find people who are qualified to fill open roles. It’s going to take every tool in the recruiter and hiring manager’s toolbox to thrive, and companies that give their skilled team members AI-driven tools will win the competition for top talent.”


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