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Automation being used to fill 64% more job vacancies

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Benefits of recruitment automation revealed

New data from Bullhorn has revealed that recruitment firms who make use of automation are reaping benefits which include:

  • A 64% higher fill rate
  • Submission of 33% more candidates per recruiter
  • 55% more likely to report major revenue gains in 2021

Bullhorn has reached a milestone of one billion total automated tasks and has released a chatbot that uses automation and AI to provide information to talent at any time of day by integrating with recruitment firms’ websites.

According to the data, recruitment firms currently automate over 20,000 emails, texts, updates, notes, and tasks each year. This represented an estimated saving of 2.5 million employee hours in 2021, or up three hours per recruiter daily.

The data also revealed that contract and temp recruitment firms that use automation could redeploy 20% more of their talent when assignments end. In addition, firms that use automation for talent communication report 20% higher click rates and 30% higher open rates than the industry averages.

According to the company’s findings, the three most common use cases for recruitment automation are:

  • Talent engagement: Automation allows recruiters to manage communications more effectively and keep candidates informed at every step of the process
  • Data health: Automating data management and compliance functions, such as anonymising records and updating job, company, and contract status for all the records within the applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Internal operations: Automating simple tasks such as creating notes and alerts.

Jason Heilman, SVP, Automation and AI at Bullhorn, says: “One billion automations is a huge milestone for the recruitment industry, Bullhorn, and the companies that leverage automation to drive their business. We are thrilled to have given recruiters so much more time to focus on building relationships and connecting people with opportunities.

“The adoption of automation has accelerated in tandem with some of the most turbulent market conditions in recent memory. During the pandemic, digital transformation presented much-needed opportunities for recruitment businesses as circumstances forced them to cut costs and operate as efficiently as possible.

“Today, automation can take on an incredible range of tasks, and we are constantly working on finding more ways it can further enhance the recruiter and talent experience. It already represents a way of overcoming common pain points, from poor communication to time-consuming scheduling and regulatory compliance, and the data clearly shows that firms that embrace it have a competitive edge.”


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