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Average time to hire rises to 44 days

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Lengthening time to hire challenges employers

The duration to fill job positions experienced a slight increase during the first quarter, as indicated by a recently released report from AMS, a leading global provider of RPO, and HR research firm The Josh Bersin Co. The report reveals that the average time to hire individuals rose from 43 days, reported a year ago, to 44 days in the same period this year.

Furthermore, the study highlights a growing disparity between easy-to-fill and difficult-to-fill roles across all industries. While certain positions are successfully filled within a mere 14 days, many vacancies persist for two to three months or even longer.

The report encompasses data collected from eight different industries and over 25 countries worldwide.

“As demonstrated by our data, the time required for hiring has consistently increased over the past four years,” stated Jim Sykes, the Global Managing Director of Client Operations at AMS. “It is crucial to understand that the hiring landscape will not become easier in the near future. HR and talent leaders must continue to innovate and revamp their strategies for talent acquisition, development, and retention.”

According to the report, the energy and defense sectors endure the lengthiest hiring processes, exceeding 67 days, with further delays anticipated this year. Following closely, professional services recorded the second-longest average time to hire, reaching 47 days. The tech industry also faces persistent challenges in filling positions.

“Regardless of the current state of the global economy, it is evident that the availability of certain skill sets does not align with the existing demand and the gaps that need to be filled,” explained Josh Bersin, the Global HR Research Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Co. “Forward-thinking HR and talent acquisition pioneers have recognized this and are exploring unconventional approaches to talent development, cross-functional role assignments, and proactively ensuring a continuous pipeline for succession planning and new positions.”


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