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Average weekly wage rises to $1,465 in largest US countires during Q1

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Average weekly earnings show divergent patterns

In the initial quarter of the year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics unveiled data indicating a substantial 6.6% surge in the average weekly wage, reaching $1,465, when compared to the previous year. This change was observed across the 360 most populous counties in the United States.

Noteworthy among these counties was Clayton County in Georgia, which experienced an exceptional upswing of 24.3% in the average weekly wage, now resting at $1,586. This notable increase was chiefly fueled by a substantial 29% rise in the “trade, transportation, and utilities” sector.

In contrast, Elkhart County in Indiana encountered the most significant decline in average weekly wage, plummeting by 6.3% to $1,230. This decline was primarily driven by the manufacturing industry, with wages in this sector falling by a matching 6.3%.

Among the ten most sizeable counties, Harris County in Texas witnessed the most significant annual upsurge during the first quarter, with an impressive 9.8% increase, resulting in an average weekly wage of $1,845. This notable growth was primarily steered by the professional and business services sector.


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