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The Talent Solutions Awards US 2024

Despite global economic uncertainty affecting markets since 2021, the recruitment sector has shown remarkable resilience. The US, for instance has created over five million new jobs in 2022, with this trend continuing into 2023.

Talent solutions providers have benefited as companies have become more cautious about investing in their own recruiting capabilities, creating more opportunities for these providers. This trend is expected to be here to stay for the long-haul!

The sector’s range of services continues to expand, from flexible project-based resources and train-and-deploy models to sophisticated talent intelligence and labor market analytics. The competitive landscape is evolving, with diverse providers challenging the market share of global majors, though the top firms still dominate complex, multi-country contracts.

For TALiNT Partners, the 2023 Talent Solutions Awards were particularly exciting, marking our first in-person awards evening for the US TIARA Talent Solutions Awards at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. We also had the pleasure of hosting a conference on the same day, bringing industry leaders together to discuss key sector issues.

Our amazing range of finalists and winners showcased the sector’s health, innovation, and customer service excellence. We want to extend another huge thanks to our independent judging panel of HR, TA, and industry leaders for their insight and detailed feedback, which make the TIARA awards unique. We are also grateful to our sponsors—especially our headline sponsor, Cornerstone—for their continued support.

Award Categories for The Talent Solutions Awards US 2024
  • The Client Service Award US  


    PeopleScout is a global leader in talent solutions, offering unmatched scalability to address the professional, specialist, volume, and contingent hiring needs of organizations of all sizes. Serving over 40 countries and providing support in 20 languages, PeopleScout connects clients with the talent they need through RPO, MSP, Total Workforce Solutions, and talent and technology advisory services. The company leverages data-driven, techcharged solutions infused with machine learning and AI to help talent leaders make informed decisions.

    Clients appreciate PeopleScout’s consultative approach, which integrates market intelligence, creativity, and technology to deliver customized talent solutions and develop sustainable talent strategies. The company’s dedication to exceptional service for over 30 years has led to enduring relationships within the industry, earning the trust of hundreds of organizations across various sectors and consistent recognition as a leader by industry analysts. In 2023, PeopleScout’s average client tenure was six years, with some relationships extending up to 20 years.

    PeopleScout believes that listening leads to better outcomes. By understanding clients’ unique goals and challenges, they customize talent solutions to align with clients’ values and future vision. With deep expertise in recruitment, employer branding, talent attraction, and recruitment technology, and as part of the TrueBlue family of brands, PeopleScout is uniquely positioned to manage complex talent programs like no other firm globally.

    Judges’ comments:
    The judges were impressed with PeopleScout’s approach to significantly decreasing time-to-hire for their client. They took the time to understand the business and its challenges by both investing time in visiting sites, incorporating customer feedback and leveraging technology to deliver sustainable results.

  • The Best New Talent Solutions Provider US 

    HTD Talent 

    HTD Talent is an expert in the innovative Hire-Train-Deploy talent model, transforming the entry of early and emerging tech talent into the workforce. Their pioneering approach involves investing in emerging talent upfront, rigorously preparing them for clients’ tech environments, and then launching their careers with those clients.

    A key differentiator for HTD Talent is its founding ethos, which strongly opposes the industry’s prevalent issue of predatory contracts. These contracts impose undue financial burdens on trainees and threaten legal action if they change their minds. This practice was a key catalyst for starting the company. HTD Talent prides itself on being the pioneering firm that refuses to use predatory contracts, instead empowering associates with the freedom to choose their paths without burden or retribution.

    Clients benefit from a pipeline of diverse emerging tech talent set aside exclusively for them. This eliminates the competition for talent, allowing clients to be ‘first in line’ through HTD’s programs. The risk of traditional hiring mistakes is mitigated by offering a proving ground where talent can demonstrate their skills and readiness. Additionally, HTD Talent directly influences workforce diversity initiatives with measurable outcomes. These unique value-adds are provided without incurring additional costs or risks, as the company takes full responsibility and accountability.

    Judges’ comments:
    HTD Talent demonstrated an innovative approach to balancing the needs of their associates with the needs of their clients. They found an effective way to condense the length of traditional hire-train-deploy models with candidate friendly contract terms. A refreshing approach to an exciting segment of the market.

    360 Talent Solutions, TalentProcure

  • The KarmaCheck Talent Solutions Innovation of the Year Award US 


    Magnit is a global leader and pioneer in contingent workforce management. The  company’s innovative, industry-leading Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform enables companies to optimize talent and diversity goals while achieving operational and financial success. Tailoring its approach to each client’s unique level of contingent workforce program maturity, Magnit provides customized recommendations to guide organizations toward a fully integrated talent strategy.

    A key differentiator for Magnit is its Contingent Referral Program, a unique approach to talent acquisition that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to match contingent workers to open roles based on their skill sets. In a world where talent is the ultimate currency, the program empowers companies to hire faster and smarter from known, referred contingent workers. By proactively matching high-quality workers coming off assignments with upcoming open opportunities for its customers, Magnit helps drive business forward for those organizations.

    Judges’ comments:
    Magnit’s Contingent Referral Program provides a solution that utilizes AI to match workers with new assignments. By redeploying known resources, they enable clients to swiftly engage with vetted talent.

    Category sponsor

    Cross Country, KellyOCG

  • The TalentEdgeAI Best Use of Technology Award US


    Sevenstep is a multi-disciplinary, consultative workforce solutions company that empowers employers to stay “ready for everything” amidst evolving markets and business priorities. Their solutions deliver the competitive advantages clients expect, proven in navigating volatile markets and offering data-driven visibility and comprehensive service to adapt to future uncertainties.

    At the heart of Sevenstep’s workforce solutions is a vision focused on advancing their unique market strengths. This includes embedding a high degree of agility in their solutions, fostering dedicated in-house innovation and technology development, and cultivating an organizational culture that empowers a highly creative and capable team.

    Integral to their RPO service is robust support for adaptable Talent Acquisition functions. Their proprietary analytics and workforce technology integrator, Sevayo® Insights, harnesses diverse data sources to swiftly identify issues and apply predictive analytics for optimal decision-making. Their MSP solution effectively manages contingent workforce suppliers and channels, enhancing talent access, workforce visibility, cost management, and direct candidate sourcing. The total talent capability empowers organizations by leveraging both flexible and permanent workforce solutions.

    Sevenstep’s infrastructure, supporting capabilities, and contract structures are meticulously aligned to continuously deliver value-added services. Clients value their trusted expertise and collaborative approach in implementing scalable workforce strategies that align with broader business objectives. With a remarkable 95% client retention rate, Sevenstep’s problem-solving focus and highly flexible solutions structure underpin their enduring client relationships.

    Judges’ Comments:
    An excellent submission that demonstrates the value of applying true BI to the staffing process and making a meaningful impact on people analytics and hiring activity. Judges said, ‘this should be an industry standard!’

    Category sponsor

    Cross Country, HireGenics, Pyramid Consulting, Resource Solutions

  • The DE&I Award US 

    Kelly OCG 

    KellyOCG is a global provider of workforce solutions, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s next with talent. Believing that new ways of working, thinking, and growing are the only way forward, KellyOCG helps clients not only reach and exceed their goals but also build the future of work.

    Acting as consultants, KellyOCG designs custom solutions for clients’ talent needs. This approach goes beyond merely filling roles; it’s about aligning talent strategy with business goals. The company specializes by industry, driven by innovation and technology. While having a global reach, KellyOCG addresses local challenges effectively.

    Committed to straightforward communication, KellyOCG builds MSP and RPO solutions based on results, not buzzwords and jargon. Through honest conversations and discussions with clients and partners worldwide, KellyOCG has successfully tackled the biggest issues in contingent and permanent talent management.

    Judges Comments:
    KellyOCG’s Equity@Work program is moving the dial in breaking down barriers for untapped talent pools and using data to offer a fresh start and a second chance for many candidates.

    E-Solutions, HTD Talent, KellyOCG, Magnit, Page Outsourcing, Engtal, Three

  • The cFIRST Long-Term Partnership Award US  

    Resource Solutions  

    Resource Solutions is a global leader in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and specialist advisory services, wholly owned by Robert Walters plc. Since 1997, they have been helping the world’s leading businesses shorten their time to hire and reduce recruitment costs by hiring smarter, creating agile solutions, and delivering exceptional results in over 31 countries.

    With extensive knowledge of clients, sectors, and markets, Resource Solutions offers bespoke solutions and round-the-clock service through their Global Service Centers (GSCs). They are recognized for the quality of their delivery, innovation, and people, maintaining some of the longest-standing partnerships in the RPO industry.

    What sets Resource Solutions apart is their commitment to building sustainable partnerships and their ability to evolve with clients’ changing demands. Their team’s expertise in providing tailored RPO solutions delivers measurable outcomes, ensuring exceptional service and continuous improvement.

    Judges’ comments:
    This was an impressively crafted entry, backed by strong examples, which demonstrated considerable impact over time, in particular, the scale up of their Recruiter Academy also moved the metrics. An outstanding result.

    Category sponsor

    Advanced RPO, Guidant Global, Hays, Hueman RPO, KellyOCG, PeopleScout, Sevenstep, WilsonHCG

  • The Best Talent Attraction Strategy Award US


    PeopleScout is a global talent solutions leader, offering unmatched scalability for professional, specialist, volume, and contingent hiring needs across 40 countries in 20 languages. Through RPO, MSP, Total Workforce Solutions, and advisory services, they connect clients with the talent they need.

    Leveraging data and technology, including machine learning and AI, PeopleScout helps talent leaders make informed decisions. Their consultative approach combines market intelligence, creativity, and technology to deliver customised, sustainable talent strategies.

    With over 30 years of exceptional service, PeopleScout has built enduring relationships, earning trust and recognition as an industry leader. Their average client tenure is six years, with some relationships lasting up to 20 years.

    By listening to clients’ unique goals and challenges, PeopleScout tailors’ talent solutions to align with their values and vision. As part of the TrueBlue family, they are uniquely equipped to manage complex talent programs globally.

    Judges comments:
    This was an outstanding submission – a longstanding relationship combined with incredibly effective results to diversify the candidate talent pool in a male-dominated industry and a great cost per hire.

    Hays, HTD Talent, Hueman RPO, Resource Solutions, KellyOCG



  • The ESG Initiative of the Year Award US

    Page Outsourcing

    Page Outsourcing, part of PageGroup, provides tailored RPO, MSP, and Total Talent Acquisition solutions using top resources, technology, and infrastructure. Their unique access to a global database of over 21 million candidates, built by 9,000+ consultants, ensures every search is bespoke.

    Operating in 37 markets with 139 offices and nearly 10,000 employees, Page Outsourcing combines expert local market knowledge with comprehensive recruitment support for both permanent and contingent workforces. Their scalable solutions allow clients to remain agile and focus on critical business actions while managing high-volume recruitment activities.

    Page Outsourcing’s global footprint and strategic approach enhance clients’ ability to attract top talent and gain a competitive edge. Their valued solutions help build strong, adaptable workforces in a constantly evolving business landscape.

    Judges’ comments:
    Page Outsourcing showed a range of concise and clear goals which are both embedded in the overall strategy of the business and engage people at all levels of their organization.


  • The Avenica Best Talent Solutions Firm To Work For US


    WilsonHCG is a global leader in total talent solutions, partnering with top brands worldwide across 65+ countries. They offer a comprehensive suite of services including RPO, executive search, contingent workforce solutions, and talent consulting.

    Known for driving innovation in RPO, WilsonHCG transforms talent functions into revenue generators by deeply understanding partner cultures and business needs. They integrate Claro’s talent and labor market intelligence platform into RPO solutions, empowering clients to make strategic talent decisions.

    WilsonHCG’s client-centric approach includes collaborative team selection and a commitment to agility, distinguishing them as true partners. Recognized as the world’s No.1 global RPO provider by HRO Today and a leader in Everest Group’s Global RPO Services PEAK Matrix®, WilsonHCG sets the benchmark in delivering exceptional talent outcomes.

    Judges’ comments:
    This entry left judges wanting to know even more. WilsonHCG have so many things going on but the peer-to-peer recognition, analytics at the fingertips of recruiters, and training focus were all outstanding.