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Bill Clinton calls for paid leave

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The former President advocates for advanced workforce development

Bill Clinton, the former President who introduced the Family and Medical Leave Act three decades ago, expressed his support on Monday for the implementation of paid leave in the United States.

Speaking at SHRM23, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Clinton emphasized that there are feasible ways to establish paid leave policies that would benefit organizations of all sizes, including small companies. One suggestion he proposed was for employers to contribute a certain percentage of an employee’s salary towards paid leave. Clinton underscored that such policies should be balanced to support both work and family, ensuring fairness for business owners and employees alike. Alongside paid leave, Clinton advocated for additional workplace measures such as skills-first hiring, immigration reform, and worker training programs. He asserted that these strategies not only benefit employers and employees, but also address the persisting issue of labor shortages.

Clinton further emphasized the importance of tailoring training programs to different groups of workers, including older individuals, in order to equip them with the necessary skills for jobs in demand. Recognizing the challenges that many face in accessing training due to factors like location and cost, Clinton called for the creation of an affordable training pipeline similar to those established for college education. He stressed the significance of continuous training, considering the ever-evolving nature of work.

According to Clinton, it is unrealistic to expect individuals to perform tasks for which they have not received adequate training.


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