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ChatGPT will be used by nearly 50% of candidates in their next job search

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63% don’t feel it would be misleading potential employers

A new survey of 4,000 UK workers, from the UK’s leading online job board site, reveals; 42.7% of job seekers fully intend to embrace ChatGPT to help bolster their next job search.

The data from CV-Library reveals ChatGPT will be used by candidates to; help explore which roles would best match their skill sets (44.6%), for some, it will be used to write a CV (41.6%) for others it will enable them to write a cover letter (37%). The Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also give them a better understanding of the role they are applying for (35.2%) as well as help with possible interview responses (32.2%)  For nearly 40% of those interviewed ChatGBT will be an asset for all of the above. An overwhelming 71% had no concerns that ChatGPT might overstate their abilities and 63% don’t feel that using the tool would be misleading potential employers.

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library said “AI has already revolutionised many of the fundamental aspects of recruitment, automating and streamlining processes, such as CV screening, candidate selection, and even interviewing. It’s both expected and understandable that candidates will also take the opportunity to use the tool. Concerns of over-inflating CV content are valid. However, if regulation is put in place and it’s used correctly, ChatGPT can help candidates create a powerful CV that stands out in the hiring process and helps secure an interview.”

For more info: www.cv-library.co.uk


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