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Despite pessimism, over a third of employees to seek new jobs

Mixed sentiments and growing optimism among job seekers.

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37% of US employees are actively seeking new job opportunities.
51% of job seekers finding it relatively easy.
The survey was conducted from 1,002 US adults.

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In 2024, a survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals revealed that while 37% of US employees are actively seeking new job opportunities, only 28% perceive an increase in job prospects within their field compared to the previous year—a decline from 34% reported in the previous survey.

The sentiments regarding the ease of securing a job are mixed, with 51% of job seekers finding it relatively easy and 49% finding it difficult. Nevertheless, there is an overall increase in optimism, as 69% of job seekers believe they will secure employment within six months—a rise from 62% in the preceding survey.

Despite the average tenure of eight years at their current company, over one-third of employed job seekers are actively exploring new job options.

69% of job seekers believe they will secure employment within six months

Concerns about their current company are driving many job seekers to pursue new opportunities. The survey highlighted that 85% of job seekers harbor apprehensions, with top concerns including inadequate salary increments (48%), changes in team dynamics (29%), and the risk of losing their job before securing a new one (28%). Other anxieties revolve around reduced work opportunities due to economic slowdowns, lack of career progression, and company downsizing amid economic uncertainty.

Express Employment CEO Bill Stoller emphasised that despite a decrease in job openings from previous highs, there is still a pool of quality talent eager to transition if the right opportunity arises.

The survey, conducted online with responses from 1,002 US adults, took place from November 9 to November 26, 2023, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Express Employment Professionals.


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