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Eli Onboarding: Leading the charge in HR Tech innovation with multiple TIARA Awards 

Eli Onboarding: Leading the charge in HR Tech innovation with multiple TIARA Awards 

A three-year winning streak at the TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards.

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Eli Onboarding distinguishes itself by providing a personalised experience.
AI is harnessed to enhance the experience and to reduce administrative tasks.
The Awards serve as a platform to demonstrate the transformative power of technology.

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In the ever-evolving realm of HR technology, Eli Onboarding stands out as a trailblazer, garnering multiple TIARA awards and setting new benchmarks in the HR tech sector. In this blog post, we delve into the factors that have catapulted Eli Onboarding to the forefront of the industry. We explore its distinctive approach to seamless onboarding experiences and how innovation and adaptability play pivotal roles in meeting the dynamic demands of today’s talent market. 

The formula for triumph 

Eli Onboarding’s triumph lies in its experience-driven approach, underpinned by engagement. Through a personalised and inclusive onboarding portal, Eli strikes a delicate balance between compliance and engagement, forms and conversations, and checklists and events. The technology serves as a catalyst, streamlining processes, monitoring tasks, building knowledge, and fostering communities – all aimed at ensuring the success of new hires. 

The platform’s real value shines in its ability to offer a globally consistent experience, empowering line managers, and reducing onboarding-related admin through integration, automation, and timely reminders. A 2023 survey attests to this success, with 100% of clients acknowledging a significant reduction in admin tasks. Eli’s commitment to engagement is further affirmed by a notable 93% engagement rate in 2022, and an impressive 96% of new hires reporting high wellbeing during onboarding. 

Clients benefit from robust measurement and analytics (MI) capabilities, with Eli monitoring over 30 engagement stats  

This data-centric approach, coupled with tailored success plans and dedicated support teams, ensures Eli delivers tangible return on investment (ROI) aligned with each client’s unique objectives. Long-term partnerships report reductions in early attrition, enhanced productivity, increased line manager engagement and ownership (over 90%), and substantial cost avoidances running into the millions of pounds. 

As a values-driven enterprise, Eli earned stellar ratings in the 2023 client survey – receiving a perfect 5/5 stars for support and achieving an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +50. 

Setting the bar: Standing out through personalisation  

Eli Onboarding distinguishes itself by providing a personalised experience for all stakeholders involved in the onboarding process. Driven by engagement, Eli ensures that new hires learn about the organisation at their own pace and in their own way. The platform goes beyond being a mere technology provider – it positions itself as a valued partner, collaborating closely to deliver tangible business benefits.  

Harnessing technology for efficiency: Streamlining onboarding processes  

Eli Onboarding leverages a diverse array of technologies and innovations to create engaging onboarding experiences. From instant messaging, social walls, and wellbeing monitoring to rich content functionality, an events calendar, and checklists – Eli ensures a comprehensive approach that streamlines admin, drives efficiencies, and ultimately sets new hires up for success. 

Impactful onboarding: A positive ripple effect on talent retention  

The importance of onboarding in retaining staff cannot be overstated. Eli underscores the significance of creating an experience-led process that strikes a balance between compliance and meaningful moments, particularly in the crucial first 12 months. The impact is tangible, as evidenced by a 2023 client survey where every client monitoring early attrition reported a reduction. 

AI’s role in engagement and retention rates 

While AI is a valuable tool in enhancing engagement and retention rates, Eli Onboarding talks about the need for careful and strategic utilisation. The primary objective remains creating connections between new hires, the business, and its people. AI is harnessed to enhance the experience, reduce administrative tasks, analyse big data, and drive results aligned with organisational objectives. 

Tailoring experiences: The power of customisation  

Eli’s approach revolves around personalisation, delivering bespoke experiences for everyone involved in the onboarding process. From new hires to buddies, mentors, hiring managers, and HR teams – Eli tailors content, tasks, and notifications to create millions of unique experiences. The platform empowers new hires to customise their onboarding journey, providing a level of flexibility reminiscent of choose-your-own-adventure books. 

From new hires to buddies, mentors, hiring managers, and HR teams – Eli tailors content, tasks, and notifications to create millions of unique experiences

User-friendly interface: Prioritising engagement  

Eli prioritises a user-friendly interface for both administrators and new hires. The fully responsive and interactive new hire interface engages talent throughout the onboarding journey. Eli’s technology achieves high levels of engagement, with professional hires visiting the platform upwards of 10 times and emerging talent engaging even more frequently. The intuitive admin interface requires minimal internal resources, ensuring efficient management of personalised onboarding experiences globally. 

Adapting to change 

The adaptability of Eli Onboarding is a core strength. Built on bespoke technology, Eli evolves alongside businesses and users. Content and workflows are tailored for each client, and the platform is designed with an easy-to-use CMS, enabling clients to make changes swiftly. Regular client feedback sessions and quarterly reviews ensure that Eli remains responsive to the changing demands and expectations of the talent market. 

TIARA Awards: A unique recognition for technological excellence

Eli Onboarding’s commitment to technological and organisational excellence is reflected in their multiple Onboarding Solution of the Year category wins at the TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards – for three years running! The TIARAs uniquely evaluate both the technology and the organisation behind it, allowing Eli to showcase the impact it has on a diverse range of clients and highlight the contributions of its exceptional team. 

The TIARA advantage: Why organisations should enter?   

Eli recommends organisations enter the TIARAs for the invaluable feedback received. The Awards serve as a platform to demonstrate the transformative power of technology and the positive impact on strengthening and enhancing onboarding experiences. Additionally, participating in the TIARAs has facilitated meaningful connections and networking opportunities. 

Eli Onboarding’s journey to becoming a multiple TIARA award winner is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As the HR tech landscape continues to evolve, Eli remains at the forefront, adapting its services to meet the changing demands of a dynamic talent market. The TIARAs not only recognise technological achievements but also celebrate the people and values that drive success – making it a meaningful and impactful journey for Eli and its partners. 



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