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Employees appeal for more empathy during cost of living crisis

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UK Workplace Survey Exposes Major Employee-Employer Disconnect

UK-based employees and employers experience a major disconnect in the workplace – leading to a decrease in career progression and productivity, according to a new survey. 

 The data, released by Right Management, as part of the ManpowerGroup UK Hiring Forces and Employers Survey, reveals the impact the cost-of-living crisis has on employees. 

 Key survey findings; 

  • 28% of UK workers wish their managers understood their financial challenges 
  • 26% want managers to understand the impact work has on their mental health 
  • 26% of hybrid workers are less likely to be considered for a promotion 
  • 38% of remote workers are less likely to spend time with senior managers.  

 Health Assured, the UK and Ireland’s largest employee assistance plan (EAP) provider, has seen a 26% increase in the number of urgent calls over the last three years – showing that businesses have to find ways to ensure leaders and managers are proactively encouraging productive conversations around challenging issues.  

  On the back of the survey, Right Management suggests the following steps to create a harmonious workplace:    

 Earn trust 

Businesses need to encourage managers to engage with their employees and build a positive working relationship – this builds up a two-way trust, which is integral to a positive workplace culture. 

 Be honest and open-minded 

When an employee trusts their manager and vice versa, they’re more likely to feel comfortable enough to confide in their manager. 

 Be objective 

With the need for trust and empathy underlined, managers should remember that alongside employee well-being, the best interests of the organisation have to remain a priority. 

 Sarah Hernon, Principal Consultant at Right Management said: “The survey shows a significant number of employees are expecting empathy or support from their employers, without necessarily communicating what they need. 

 Together, these findings suggest several opportunities are being missed, whether that’s opportunities for employees to be open and honest about the challenges they face inside and outside of work, or employers to ensure that remote workers are being considered fairly. 

 The art of conversation is one every leader should master. Managers need to have effective conversations with their people to understand their circumstances better; a higher proportion of the remote workforce are women, often due to parental responsibilities – should they miss out on the opportunity for promotion because of this? Absolutely not.” 

 For more information www.rightmanagement.co.uk 


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