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Exclusive academy launch for women in tech

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Athena Academy provides an alternative path into the tech world

Sparta Global recently announced the launch of Sparta’s Athena Academy. The Academy is an all-women technology training and careers stream.

Sparta was founded in 2014 to help close the UK’s digital skills gap. Despite its growth, the company still feels that contributing to gender parity across the wider technology ecosystem is important.

The government-funded growth network Tech Nation recently revealed that nearly three million people, or 9% of the UK workforce, work in the UK tech industry, but only 26% of these are women.

The Athena Academy will provide women of all experience levels with an alternative path into technology:

  • 12 weeks of focussed Java development training
  • Learning alongside an all-women cohort
  • Training delivered by an in-house, all-women training faculty
  • A salary paid throughout the training
  • The opportunity to work for an established Sparta Global client in their first tech role

David Rai, Sparta Global CEO, commented: “While we have thousands of fantastic women Spartans and alumni who have come through the Sparta Global Academy, we know there are some who see training and working in a male-dominated industry as too daunting to explore,” says “Sparta’s Athena Academy is about empowering more women through technology, giving them the opportunity to learn alongside female peers and inspiring role models in a supportive and safe space that will push the limits of their potential.

The UK technology industry needs women to meet the needs of society and it is our hope that our Athena Academy will give more women the opportunity to positively impact our clients with fresh thinking, diverse perspectives, and passions.”



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