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Fujitsu revamps employee compensation

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Tech giant looks to boost competitiveness with raises from 10% to 29%

While the tech sector is preparing for more mass layoffs, the tech company is making efforts to improve its global competitiveness by conducting a comprehensive review of its compensation system and increasing investments in talent and career development. In order to achieve this, the company will reportedly raise monthly wages for employees at all levels in Japan by an average of 10%, with a maximum increase of 29%. This corresponds to an average annual income increase of 7% and a maximum increase of 24%.

After the compensation system review, annual wages for employees in leadership positions will be at least 10 million yen, while senior management can expect to earn between 20 million and 30 million yen. The monthly wage for new university graduates will also increase by 25,000 yen, from 230,000 yen last year to 255,000 yen.

Fujitsu’s aim is to create a sustainable world by building trust in society through innovation, and it plans to achieve this by investing in its employees to acquire the right talent to support future business portfolios and contribute to customers’ digital transformation.

To improve global competitiveness, Fujitsu has implemented “agile” decision-making and operations, along with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all employees. The company has also introduced flexible working arrangements, including a flextime system without core time and remote work options. Fujitsu has also empowered its employees to take ownership of their careers through a job-based human resources management system, training programs for all employees regardless of rank, and on-demand learning content. Additionally, the company has implemented a global, shared employee evaluation system called “Connect.”


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